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The Best Choice to Help Your Pet Thrive

Goat Milk #1 Ingredient

The first and number one ingredient in Tailspring milk replacer is goat milk, which is well-tolerated across many animal species and gentle on baby animal’s digestion. In fact, Tailspring is currently the only pet nutrition brand that formulates exclusively with goat milk.

100% Human Grade

Our milk replacers are Human Grade approved by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Every single ingredient in our milk replacer is Human Grade, comes from highest-quality sources and the product is manufactured, packed and stored in accordance with human food regulations. 

Easy to Digest

Goat milk is easy to digest for pets because its fat and protein structure form smaller curds in the stomach and enable rapid energy absorption. Goat milk is also highly nutritious, hypo-allergenic due to its lower content of Alpha S2 casein and is loved for its creaminess and delicious taste.

Scientifically Formulated

The balanced nutritional profile of our milk replacers closely matches mother’s milk and has been scientifically developed by a professional neonatal pet nutritionist with more than 30 years of experience. The formula includes all the essential nutrients, amino acids, fats and vitamins that puppies and kittens need to thrive.  

Cleanest Label on the Market

With whole goat milk as its first ingredient and an additional 16 essential ingredients to provide nutrients and vitamins, Tailspring milk replacers have the shortest and cleanest ingredient list on the market and are formulated close to nature with everything your pet needs to thrive.

No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors

The main ingredient is goat milk, not soy or vegetable oils found in other milk replacers. No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, ever. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We consider pets part of the family and believe they deserve to eat the same quality of food we would feed our own children.