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Sharing the Goodness of Goat Milk Since 1934

Tailspring milk replacers come from Meyenberg, America’s favorite and beloved goat milk dairy brand. We are based in Northern California and have been making fresh, powdered and evaporated goat milk products since 1934. With more than 85 years of experience, we have been bringing the goodness of goat milk to people from coast to coast since the very beginning and to this day.  

At Meyenberg, we have known for a long time that people are not the only ones enjoying our delicious goat milk and we’ve been nourishing pets for decades. In fact, the community of goat milk loving animals includes small animals such as rabbits, anteaters and squirrels, medium-sized possums and racoons and large animals including horses, jaguars, and elephants. Of course, puppies and kittens have always been among our biggest fans.  

What we’ve heard countless times over the years is that goat milk helps baby animals thrive and works beautifully as a supplement for adult dogs and cats. Not only is goat milk nourishing, it also improves overall digestion and fur quality, all with fewer side effects like diarrhea. We consulted with a professional pet nutritionist and our reports were confirmed – with its easy digestibility and highly nutritious profile, goat milk can be called something like the “universal mother’s milk”.

With our passion for goat milk and our growing community of pet consumers, we partnered with this expert neonatal pet nutritionist, who has more than 30 years of experience, and created Tailspring, our line of best-in-class products scientifically formulated to nurture and help pets thrive. We are starting with our youngest friends, puppies and kittens, with clean and nourishing milk replacers.

Having a new puppy or kitten is a precious time, but it can be a bit stressful too, especially if your little one isn’t eating. Rest assured - our milk replacer will bring the spring back to your little one’s tail with the goodness of goat milk and all the essential nutrients, amino acids, fats and vitamins that puppies and kittens need to thrive.