Meal Topper

  • $15
  • Tasty Goodness
  • 4 oz.

Our Tasty Goodness meal topper is made with whole goat milk, and natural butter and vanilla flavors. Smells like a delicious cupcake mix, but all natural. Just Tasty Goodness for your cat to devour their meal.

  • Helps senior cats who need extra liquid in their diet

  • Delicious taste encourages cats to eat, great for picky eaters

Meal topper can be used dry or mixed with water to create a liquid.

To serve dry: Sprinkle up to 2 level tsp. per day directly on food.

To serve wet: Mix 2 level tsp. of water to every 1 level tsp. of powder, up to 4 level tsp. of wet mixture per day. Add the mixture to your cat’s food or serve on its own as a delicious snack.


Crude Protein, minimum………..21.5%

Crude Fat, minimum……………...21.5%

Crude Fiber, maximum………….…1.0%

Moisture, maximum…………………5.0%

#1 ingredient is goat milk

100% Human Grade

Delicious taste encourages dogs to eat, great for picky eaters

No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

Goat Milk Benefits

Easy to Digest

Easy to Digest

Sometimes called the “universal mother’s milk” goat milk has a fat and protein structure that form smaller curds in the stomach and provides rapid energy absorption.

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Delicious Taste

Delicious Taste

Many humans prefer the taste of goat milk to cow milk. The unique and fresh taste is also appealing to pets and makes even picky eaters gobble up their food.



Goat milk is naturally high in calcium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin A, and is also lower in lactose than cow milk.

Protein Structure

Protein Structure

Studies have shown that goat milk is low in Alpha S1 casein and primarily contains Alpha S2 casein, which makes it enjoyable for many pets.

Additional Goat Milk Goodness

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