About Us

We created Tailspring for two reasons – the love we have for our pets, and the discovery of the goodness of goat milk. Sometimes called the “universal mother’s milk” goat milk is nutritious, easy to digest and on top of that, it tastes delicious. That’s why we created a line of nourishing products that are all based on goat milk for cats and dogs and their little ones.

Baby goat in field of wildflowers

On our journey, we found pet nutrition experts who confirmed the goodness of goat milk and together, we set out to formulate nutritional products with goat milk as the primary ingredient. We did countless recipe trials and taste tests (and yes, we ate it too, not just our furry friends!).

We introduced our first products in early 2021 with our Milk Replacers for kittens and puppies. With a clean ingredients list that is half as long as most others, we support the start of life of these adorable creatures. Now, we are also serving our adult cats and dogs with delectable meal toppers and our dogs with functional chews.

Here’s to our mission of spreading the goodness of goat milk to our community of pets. Give it a try!